Our Approach to Living ACIM

Our approach to living A Course in Miracles is intimate, collaborative, and purposeful. Awakening takes a willingness to question every value you hold. If the world is backwards and upside-down, then it must involve a complete re-translation of everything that is believed and perceived. Our approach at the ACIM Devotional Center is very practical, applying the teachings of Jesus in a non-compromising way in order to come to the experience of a consistent state of peace that Jesus promises.

Mystical Mind Training

Jesus teaches that “an untrained mind can accomplish nothing.” Take an introductory journey into our training program that will give you an overview of the non-compromising approach to awakening that we use at the center. The Mystical Mind Training (MMT) Program is one of the tools we use to experience and practically apply the concepts Jesus gives us in A Course in Miracles. The MMT program leads you into a deep exploration of the mind, allowing the ego dynamics to be seen and the blocks to the awareness of love’s presence to be healed. The program is a fun, interactive multi-media course, which uses video clips, audios, teachings from ACIM, and other material to draw the mind inwards. The program is built into the daily living schedule at the center and is also available for you to do if you are at home.


MMT Experience

How We Use Projects as a Backdrop for Healing the Mind in Our Approach to Living ACIM

Projects are a backdrop for channeling the purpose of the Holy Spirit. There are no specific problems, but distorted/fragmented perception is the problem. Only a single purpose, (forgiveness, the miracle), used and practiced, will unify perception. So the purpose of each project or task is forgiveness, to unify perception, and to be done through so perfectly by the Holy Spirit that there is no doer and you are aware you are the Son of God. Give everything, including all your skills and abilities, to the Holy Spirit to use for this single unified purpose!

Enjoy this video that goes into the healing that comes from projects when given completely to the Spirit.

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