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Living A Course in Miracles

At A Course in Miracles Devotional Center we are living the principles of A Course in Miracles, the metaphysics, the guidelines, and the practical application. Being together in ACIM Spiritual Community is a living experience of sharing in one purpose in order to experience awakening in mind and the presence of Love.

“This course does not aim at teaching the meaning of love,
for that is beyond what can be taught.
It does aim, however, at removing the blocks to the awareness of love’s presence,
which is your natural inheritance.” ACIM

Our purpose at A Course in Miracles Devotional Center is a total experience of coming together in Truth in order to have a consistent experience of Peace in the Mind. We are immersed in the practical application of living A Course in Miracles (ACIM) and sharing the teachings of David Hoffmeister.

“As we go fully into this experience of oneness, or Divine Love, then our mind is not in the same state that it previously seemed to be in and we move into a new way of living” —David Hoffmeister.

‘The Peace of God is my One Goal’ is our shared purpose and is the basis for our coming together and everything that we do. Jesus says: “Miracles are natural. When they do not occur, something has gone wrong.” Our purpose here is to focus on the promise of the miracle in the Present Moment.

Spiritual community is a fast track to this experience of Peace of Mind and we are a Center dedicated to the practical application of A Course in Miracles and the attainment of Peace. In choosing not to focus on the error in our brother, we are all learning how to be miracle-minded! This does not mean that we won’t see the error, however our purpose is to undo the ego and invite the experience of forgiveness to enter the mind.

We use guidelines of “no private thoughts” and “no people-pleasing” to facilitate the experience of forgiveness as we continually deepen together in trust and inspiration.

Mystical Mind Training

Mystical Mind Training

Mystical Mind Training is an online, advanced mind training program containing texts, videos, music, audio files, and writings. This is a curriculum aimed at metaphysical understanding, and the essential transfer of training necessary for an consistent experience of peace.  It is for those who want an experiential way of healing the mind and undoing the ego. Along with the program you also receive ongoing contact with peers and hundreds of chances to share what you’ve learned.

Unwind your Mind 30 Day Experience

Unwind Your Mind

Are you ready to unwind your mind and have your world rocked? Forgiveness must involve a complete re-translation of everything that you believe and perceive. Since 1994 David Hoffmeister has sat at kitchen tables with students of A Course in Miracles helping them to practically apply the metaphysics of the Course in a miraculous way. The conversations in this book provide loving comfort for the heart and crisp uncompromising Truth for the mind that’s fed up with confusion, illusion, and roles! David’s life is a living demonstration of the awakened mind, and this is an invitation to join him.

“Moment by moment the Holy Spirit will work with your beliefs, taking you step by step as you unwind your mind from the many false concepts that you believe keep you safe and make you happy. Only the release from these false beliefs can bring you true happiness and lasting peace.” UYM

Listen to an introduction on YouTube by David Hoffmeister

Order your copy now!

Awakening through A Course in Miracles

Awakening through A Course in Miracles

Awakening through A Course in Miracles is greatly supported with deep ACIM resources available online and through our various links and social media sites. There is even a great book by the same title, written by David Hoffmeister called Awakening through A Course in Miracles and this is available through our bookstore. The book is an in-depth look at the metaphysics of the Course, and how to apply them in our daily lives. This book includes a powerful tool, called the Levels of Mind which takes us inward from what we perceive is happening on the screen all the way back to the desire that something be different than it is right now. When we see that we are desiring something other than Peace of Mind, we can choose again.

For additional resources and support for awakening you can also visit our huge and entirely free A Course in Miracles audio collection by David Hoffmeister and these are available to listen to online or download in MP3 format. With these you can immerse yourself in practical teachings that will take you from your head to your heart and into the actual experience of what A Course in Miracles is pointing us to. These A Course in Miracles audio teachings can be a truly helpful tool on the path to awakening.

We are with you all the way!

ACIM Audios for Awakening

ACIM Audios for Awakening

Easy Access to Audio Awakening Support!

Searchable topics by theme with in-depth answers to your deepest questions, organized into specific categories for easy search and accessibility. Everyday relationship help for healing!

ACIM Online Video

ACIM Online Videos

Getting practical with transformational ACIM online videos for everyday problems! Whatever your question, there is a solution!

Further ACIM Resources and Links

Further ACIM resources and links for spiritual awakening and A Course in Miracles Devotional Center are available on our “Links” page.

ACIM About Us


We are a center dedicated to the practical application of A Course in Miracles (ACIM). We live devotionally together in spiritual community to practice applying the clear metaphysics from ACIM in everyday living. Read more →

ACIM Our Approach


Awakening takes a willingness to question every value you hold. If the world is backwards and upside down, then it must involve a complete re-translation of everything that is believed and perceived. Read more →

ACIM Our Guidelines


We live with two basic guidelines, “no private thoughts” and “no people-pleasing.” These two guidelines have proven to be a speed up to undoing the self, small ‘s’ which we have created as a block to the awareness of our True Self. Read more → 

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