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Would you like to experience living in community with us?

We are open occasionally, as Guided by the Spirit, to have people stay at the A Course in Miracles Devotional Center or one of our other centers. Please let us know the nature of your interest by filling out the form available below and we will be in contact with you as soon as possible.

You are also welcome to apply for a devotional retreat with our community. All visitors who stay overnight or for extended periods are considered retreatants. We also offer volunteer opportunities for those interested in volunteering from their own home. The application process is required for both those who wish to be on-site retreatants as well as for those who wish to be off-site volunteers.

We recognize that the decision to apply to become a retreatant or volunteer is a deep commitment to healing for everyone concerned, and we are grateful for all that is Given!


No private thoughts

Awakening Mind is the experience of Union, a Unified Mind in which there is no secret kept apart from Spirit. Everything is openly revealed in the Light of Truth. Love has nothing to hide and is forever openly revealed exactly As It Is. Only the Thoughts of God can be shared, and there is nothing else to share.


No people-pleasing

Awakening Mind advocates always following Inner Guidance and accepting complete responsibility for one’s state of mind. Conformity to external authority or unconscious beliefs is never authentic or helpful on the spiritual journey. The laws of the land need not be broken if one follows the Inner Guidance of the Holy Spirit, and impeccable integrity is the certain outcome of yielding to the Holy Spirit for all decisions. “Holy Spirit, decide for God for me” is our constant prayer of gratitude, and it is very practical. This yielding to the Spirit offers immediate results.

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For all other inquiries please contact us by filling in the form below:

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