ACIM Community – About Us

We are a center dedicated to the practical application of A Course in Miracles (ACIM). We live devotionally together in spiritual community to practice applying the clear metaphysics of ACIM in everyday living.


ACIM Community – Our Goal

‘The Peace of God is my One Goal’ is our shared purpose for coming together in ACIM Community and is the basis for everything that we do.

If you want to deepen your experience of ACIM, then we offer a safe and uncompromising environment for residential retreat stays from one to six months to those interested in applying ACIM in this way. Jesus says “Miracles are natural. When they do not occur, something has gone wrong”. Our purpose here is to focus on the promise of the miracle ‘now’ and spiritual community is the fast track to this experience. In choosing not to focus on the error in our brother, we are all learning how to be miracle-minded! This does not mean that we won’t see the error, however, our purpose is to undo the ego and invite the experience of forgiveness to enter the mind. We use the guidelines of no private thoughts and no people pleasing to facilitate the experience of forgiveness. It is fun when we really start to get out of our own way and let the Holy Spirit do the heavy lifting for us!!

  • Have you experienced the initial “honeymoon phase” of studying ACIM, where you open up to a whole new way and are now feeling like perhaps you are missing something? It doesn’t seem to “work” like it did initially?
  • Do you wonder where are the miracles Jesus is pointing to?
  • Are you wanting to experience “guidance” from the Holy Spirit more clearly?
  • Are you wondering what your “next step” is?
  • Do you find meditation and studying ACIM helpful, but still feel like something seems to be missing or you’ve reached a plateau with it?

At the ACIM Community Devotional Center we have made the commitment to fully applying the teachings of the Course without exception. Read this article by a long-term student and teacher of ACIM, which speaks to some of these common questions and feelings of students of ACIM.

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