This is a description of what we call mystical experiences which seemed to occur a few weeks ago. It was quite simple, instantaneous and undramatic but powerful and profound in it’s impact. I was prompted to go for a walk along the riverbank one afternoon as the snow was thawing. I chanced to step in a spot where the snow gave way and I fell into it up to my thigh. This seeming mishap had the added benefit of slowing the mind down into a contemplative state. I found a nearby rock. I sat down on it resting and meditating on accepting the idea that I absolutely had a knowing in my heart what the Spirit is guiding in each moment. I have only to stop and ‘take a knee’ or check in with Spirit and ask for clear and present guidance. There was no real need to look ‘outside’ myself for this source of inspiration and direction.

I eventually continued the walk still pondering deeply Spirit’s ever present guidance, and came back up to the Devotional Center. The instant I did suddenly a flash entered my consciousness almost like a lightning bolt of awareness of an image of me walking as though a photo had been taken in the mind’s eye. Surrounding this image of a body walking was a brilliant light which connected directly with heaven. The concept of a body moving through time and space in that instant was false. It was ‘seen’ that in reality the nature of time and space is not unlike a series of ‘still life’s.’ The most apt analogy is looking at a roll of motion picture film. In each photograph nothing is seen to be happening but when run through the projector and back-lit with a bright light it appears that there is movement. Things are done or said but it is not real. Nothing is really happening.

In that instant a clear awareness dropped in that although it appeared that I had continued walking and nothing unusual had occurred I had in fact never left the Heaven. That simple footstep and everything else in time and space was simply a ‘still life.’ In which nothing had ever occurred in reality. With this awareness came a sense of freedom and expansion which seemed to enfold everything in it’s simple presence with lightness, joy and ease. I shared my new found insight at lunch and was surprised when it resonated with several around the table. They recognized the authentic truth in this lightning bolt of insight dropped into the mind just at the point it was ready to be received. So, there is my mystical experience described to the best of my ability. To sum it up you could say that it taught me not to be fooled by the appearance that anything is ever really happening and brought an awareness of that deep silence and stillness available behind all appearances of movement, sound and light.


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