I awoke yesterday morning with a fervent prayer to God, ‘Help me to come to you! I don’t know how. Please show me!’ Rebellion had been playing out for me in the form of not being prompt with the timing of ringing the bell. Always just a few minutes off or needing to be reminded. It was addressed during expression sessions and I resolved to whip all rebellion into line and set my alarm five minutes ahead for all the times that the bell was to be rung. The next morning I hear that the schedule is to be unceremoniously dropped! As I had moved through the rebellion, I no longer had to ‘act’ out the ringing of the bell promptly. It was a symbol for me that Spirit is not asking me for proof that I am ‘worthy’ of love because of how perfectly timed my bell ringing is or anything else to do with form. My prayer had been promptly answered! As the concept of a schedule is released and all resistance is moved through I felt a beautiful expansiveness and relaxing in mind. Spirit is just reminding and teaching how loved and safe we all are and offering the invitation literally in every moment to drop into the all encompassing expansive quantum love that is who we are. That’s the invitation. “There is never nothing going on,” is a line from the movie “The Peaceful Warrior.” Spirit is always speaking to us in every moment asking us if we want to be truly happy and sinking into our deepest knowing that love is truly all there is. I feel a beautiful yes bubbling up in response to this increased trust and Self responsibility.

I feel gratitude to Spirit and my mighty brothers for allowing the mind to be shown the way and all concepts of hierarchy or planning be dropped as the ever present moment comes into sharper and sharper focus. The mind is so eager and willing to drop all sense of limitation and expand into the magnitude of present joining! If I trust absolutely in every instance the Spirit will ALWAYS be there to show everything in the stillness and reverence of the sparkling moment! Spirit is freely showing the way to be passers by and be stepped back in the mind without a thought of the past and zero interest in the future! It feels exciting to give full allowance to drop into the fullness of that invitation to welcome what is given and let go of all that interferes with that Yes!


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