After a ‘dark night of the soul,’ I awoke with the strong prompt to take an early morning walk. First I just laid down on the grass outside the house listening to the sound of the wind blowing and looked up at the dancing leaves in a tree. Suddenly, I became aware of the bird song accompanying this symphony of wind, leaves and sky and all the ‘dark night of the soul’ feelings dissolved in soft tears and laughter. It was all God singing to me through the birds, speaking through the wind and rejoicing through the shimmering leaves. The presence of God’s love was so strong and evident. I felt utterly surrounded by love and Peace.

After walking a few yards, a robin swooped in front of me and flew up to the peak of the roof of a house and began to sing out. I had to stop and watch, seeing a symbol of the singing of God’s never-ending love from the roof tops for all to hear! I heard the soft rejoicing voice saying, “He is risen! He is risen! The Son of God is One. Be of good cheer.” After walking a few more feet another robin flew out of the grass with a fat worm pulled from the ground, and came to rest on a nearby fence to gobble it up. Again, I had to stop and after uttering the words, “That’s a pretty fat worm to eat, isn’t it?” a permanent smile alighted on my face as tears of intense, overwhelming joy and deep gratitude fell down my cheeks. It felt sooooo good to smile with true joy just laughing softly at being greeted with such beautiful symbols of love messengers!

As the miraculous walk continued, I stopped again to listen to the music of the bubbling creek and experience the brilliant sun shining through the trembling bright green budding leaves. Again, all I could think of was the line in the Course that goes,  “There is no effort, and you will be led as gently as if you were being carried down a quiet path in summer.” (T-14.IV.6.) Everything was sparkling with pure Holiness and all there was to do was laugh softly and let the tears flow and beam out an involuntary smile.

All is, in fact, love after all. This was an experience that was so reassuring, following a very intense ‘dark night of the soul.’ It was the whole Universe rejoicing, “He is risen! The Son of God is one!” The presence was so undeniable and so innocent and so very simple. Love is behind everything. There really is nothing else, ever. It’s just waiting for us to accept the invitation and let ourselves be the One Beloved. I surrender! I’m loved, bathed and surrounded by the presence of Peace and Joy.

Love, Jes

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