It is becoming more and more evident and obvious that the simplicity of the present moment is actually all there is. It just feels like a slowing of the mind and soft melting of something that never had any substance at all. Today at the expression session Peter expressed that he kept having the recurring thought of giving of yourself completely, holding nothing back and with no reservations. My heart burst with a ‘Yes!’ as I heard this spoken. It’s becoming so clear that trusting ourselves and consequently our seeming brothers is beyond important, it’s essential. As each moment is met with an open and grateful heart all doings dissolve into joy and laughter. All appearances are forgiven as nothingness and the content of present joining and purpose is all that remains in shining radiance.

Always being mindful of ‘What is it for?’ and what is being called for in this moment? As Michael shares, ‘There is always something in the present moment which is truly helpful.’ I don’t know my own best interests and only He who does can communicate this to me in the most clear and obvious manner possible. It’s a matter of trusting this Voice of Truth implicitly and allowing myself to be completely dependent on this voice for Wisdom. I can join with my brother’s when I don’t feel clear which is one of the many gifts of community but in most instances there needs to be constant attention and devotion to listening for that Voice for Love which is always always speaking closer than our own breath or the beating of our hearts. It is this that we are learning to trust and depend on and welcome with each precious living moment! Don’t miss out on the present! Taking the perimeters off and dropping all the ‘shoulda, woulda, coulda’s’ in a gentle surrender inward to what simply is in the miracle. There is a place in the Mind that is so Holy where all that is heard is a soft singing and gentle laughter. I will meet you there!


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