Frequently Asked Questions


How does co-living differ from staying in the Living Miracles community?

The Living Miracles core community members are housed on the same property, but live and work in a separate wing for Ministry projects and communications. Community members’ days are very focused and structured; collaborating on community projects is their main daily activity. Those co-living at the Metaphysical Center are not asked to adhere to a Living Miracles daily structure, but can spend their days based on their own priorities and inspirations. Some may want to focus on personal projects, while others may want to enjoy a relaxed and slow-paced lifestyle. Co-living residents at the Metaphysical Center can come together and organize their own activities as inspired.


What are the ways to be involved with the Living Miracles community?

Co-living residents may occasionally invite Living Miracles ministers to facilitate movie gatherings or discussions in the Sanctuary of The Metaphysical Center. All co-living members are welcome to participate. Other opportunities to collaborate with Living Miracles include:

  • Sunday Services each week in the Sanctuary of the Metaphysical Center
  • Online retreats each month
  • Opportunities to volunteer/serve the Living Miracles Ministry
  • Experience the purpose of devotional service in the maintaining of grounds and basic facility functions


Are there any other ACIM students in the area?

While there are no other ACIM groups in Kamas locally, there is an active ACIM meetup in east Salt Lake City, 35 minutes away, as well as other students and groups in the greater Salt Lake City area.


Will I be able to extend my stay?

Yes, this is a possibility. Please contact us if you’re feeling you may want to extend your stay so we can confirm availability.


Is there public transport available?

Yes, we are a 10-minute walk from the main road where buses can transport you to Park City, Salt Lake City, and other destinations in Utah.


What kind of rental term do you offer? 

You can rent your room on a month-to-month basis starting on the first of each month, though you can receive more benefits if you commit for 3 months (free access to our Mystical Mind Training Program), or 6 months or longer (reduced retreat fee for our annual Utah event in August).


Are there any pets on site? Can I bring my pet?

We have a gray tabby (Monty) who is more quiet around new people but can become very affectionate in time. In an effort to maintain the tranquil nature of the property, we are not able to accommodate animals. Therefore, co-living members are not allowed to bring pets with them.


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