A Deepening of Trust:  My experience here these past several weeks has been one of deepening into a profound level of trust in Spirit.  In this role, I’ve been given as the overseer of our volunteers at the Center, it can sometimes look and feel as though things are ‘spinning out’ or that people are just ‘doing what they want’ versus checking in for Guidance, but I’ve been learning how to gently address each of these perceptions through inner prayer and the willingness to be ‘communicated through.’

In the past, I’ve been quite resistant to the idea of ‘correcting a brother’ since the Course’s teachings are clearly about bringing the illusion back to the truth in my OWN mind.  And yet, I’ve been learning how to do that while ALSO being open to let the Spirit speak through me in a way that my brother (who is my Self) can accept.  It also has been helpful to think of this kind of communication simply as a helpful use of magic for my own mind when it is not at rest.

Being willing to be communicated through – even in the face of fear that it may not be ‘heard’ or accepted by the ‘other’ – opens up a whole new realm of helpful magic that was ‘forbidden’ to me in the past by my own fears masquerading as ideals about how a ‘teacher of God’ should act and communicate.  In gratitude for this lesson, I look forward to the wondrous ways in which I’ll continue to be used in God’s Plan for my Awakening!

By Erik Archbold

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